5 Best Colleges for Women's Lacrosse

Jul 23, 2017 10:41:47 AM / by Hope Kissick


1. Duke

Duke is ranked 5th in the nation by College Factual’s in 2017. Duke alumni ranked 7th in mid career income in 2011. The Ethnic diversity at Duke is high with 84% of its students coming from outside of the state. About 32% of the professors at Duke were named Highly Cited Researchers. The most poplar majors at Duke are

  • Public Policy analysis
  • General Biology/ Biological Sciences
  • General Economics
  • General Bioengineering

Kirstin Kimel is the head coach of Duke’s women’s lacrosse team. In Kimel’s 22 seasons at Duke, she has led them to four ACC regular season titles, an ACC Tournament Championship and 19 NCAA Tournament appearances. These are all just some of the reasons why Duke is one of the best colleges for womens lacrosse

Best colleges for womens lacrosse

2. Northwestern

Northwestern has a 7 to 1 student faculty ratio. Northwestern has ranked 12th in the 2017 edition of Best Colleges. Norwestern’s setting is suburban and the campus size is 231 acres. The most popular majors at Northwestern are:

  • economics
  • psychology
  • political science
  • biology/biological sciences

The wildcats have been lead by Kelly Amonte Hiller since the start of their program in 2005. Since then the Wildcats have won 7 National titles.

best colleges for womens lacrosse

3. Stanford

Stanford is ranked as the 5th best college in the nation. The average salary of a Graduate at Stanford IS $90,000. The school operates more than 18 independent laboratories, research centers and institutes. The college is located in California’s Bay Area not far from San Francisco. The most popular majors at Stanford are:

  • human biology
  • economics
  • international relations
  • biology

Amy Bokker is the head coach of Stanford’s womens lacrosse team. Since Bokker’s start in 2009 she has made Stanford’s women’s lacrosse team into one of the west’s premier programs. The program constantly ranks amoung the country’s top 20.

Best colleges for womens lacrosse


4. University of North Carolina

UNC is one of the oldest public universities in the United States. It is one of the the eight public ivy schools in the US. Public ivy schools offer a ivy league academic experience at a public school price. The most popular majors at North Carolina are:

  • Economics
  • Communication
  • Psycology
  • Biology

Jenny Levy is the head coach of UNC’s Women’s Lacrosse team and is ranked 3rd in NCAA Division I history for career wins. She has lead the Tar Heels to a two-time national championship and has won coach of the year two times in a row. She has also lead the team to 30 NCAA tournament wins.

Best Colleges Womens Lacrosse


5. Boston College

Boston College ranks 31st in the Best Colleges of 2017 edition. Its setting is suburban and the campus sits on 338 acres. It has a Roman Catholic Jesuit affiliation. Its most popular majors consist of:

  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Speech Communication andRhetoric
  • Biology/Biological Sciences

Acacia Walker is the head coach of Boston College. This past year the Eagles earned a spot in the NCAA Division one Championship. Acacia has been part of 12 of the last 13 NCAA tournaments as either a player or coach.

Best colleges for womens lacrosse





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