3 Things You Need to Know About the New College Athlete Recruiting Rules

Jul 22, 2017 12:51:59 PM / by Hope Kissick

 college lacrosse recruiting rules

1. Student-athletes aren’t committing in 8th grade anymore

Last April, the NCAA Division 1 Council voted to pass a new early recruiting proposal which prevents coaches from talking to athletes until September 1st of their Junior year of high school. This is a great thing for student athletes because it means that 8th graders are no longer making verbal commitments to colleges. There will no longer be any phone calls or unofficial visits until September 1st. Students can spend more time on their grades, standardized testing and developing as an athlete. They can also enjoy high school more without worrying if they committed to the right school. The new NCAA rule is in the best interest of both student-athletes and college lacrosse programs. It gives coaches enough time to pick the right athlete that fits their programs needs. It also gives them enough time to see more developed athletes.


2. Having a “Middle man” will become even more important 

Having a middle man in the recruiting process will become even more important with the new rule. A middle man could be a recruiting coordinator or club coach. Recruiting coordinators will still be allowed to communicate with college coaches about student-athletes but the process will be more lengthy. This is because coaches are no longer allowed to invite athletes to unofficial visits or send them emails before September 1st. Recruiting coordinators will be relied on more than they already are to advocate for their athletes who are interested in playing college lacrosse. It is important that recruiting coordinators encourage student-athletes to research about college programs before September 1st


3. Student athletes should be prepared for September 1st. 

Communication with college coaches might be frozen but it is still very important to be prepared by September 1st. Parents, coaches and recruiting coordinators should encourage student athletes to research, visit colleges and develop their lacrosse skills. You won’t be able to connect with coaches directly but they still know who they are interested in. You can also still send them email messages and let them know about what tournaments your going to. Sending your highlight video will allow the coach to have a updated visual of your skill set. Again, they won’t be able to respond but they can put you on their list.


Hope Kissick

Written by Hope Kissick

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